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::Please refrain from the likes of: omgliek HeS sO hOtT!!11!! It's not cute, and it's hard to read. Need help with spelling and gramamar? I'm happy to assist.

::No bashing Michael or each other, please. While discussion is normal, and may sometimes become heated, nothing mean. No name-calling, ganging up on each other, etc. Use your head. :)

::I'm pretty lax about what goes on in here. You can share icons and pictures (under cuts to respect FLs and those with dial-up, please), news articles (though I'll try and stay on top of those), album/song reviews, concert reviews, and anything else having to do with Michael.

::To join, all you have to do is... well, join. It's not moderated as of yet, so join away! :)

::This will be amended as needed.